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    We dream of pina coladas ice cold

    waiting just for us in the sunshine

    while it's not snowing outside of the library

    and quite raining behind my closed eyelids.


    Stormy weather today inside my head.


    Take your umbrella

    and your happy pills.

    Take another hands

    in yours.


    Dont forget to buy some orange juice on the way home.

    Maybe it's just

    you know

    like, just, orange juice

    but with stormy weathers like today

    it tastes right like a pina colada to me.

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    La palinzarde
    Lundi 4 Janvier 2016 à 15:30

    Chanson de ouf ! Qui remonte le moral et nous fait rêver en ce temps de triste hiver et de périodes de révisions ! 

    Et petit poème très juste, j'adhère totalement cool

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