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    Let's walk by your side

    nothing but our words should touch

    please, don't press my shoulder between your thumbs

    i'm too numb i'm feeling so numb

    and my body feels like a smoke

    like a cloud like something iced and cold

    pierced to the heart


    Let's walk by your side

    nothing in common but words that shatter

    but words that matter, words that shutter the world

    the world who crumbles and cracks open and even my fingers feel numb


    Let's walk by your side

    walk and walk until the sun shines again

    until the storm let me breathe

    until my lungs wake up and i can start living again


    Let's walk by my side

    let's start leaving the pain

    leaving the pain

    walking on the hands of the sun without feeling my heart burning inside


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    Jeudi 20 Octobre 2016 à 12:45

    Let's walk by my side.

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