• The candle-day


    Today it was the candle-day

    every man i asked put candles on my food

    candles on the cakes

    even the wood one

    even the not-eaten one

    even if it wasn't a cake 

    candles everywhere

    it was the candle-day


    Candles everywhere

    lighting Amsterdam with the dim light

    of foreign traditions

    foreign language

    foreign people - except from the two stars hugging me

    candles on every piece of the town

    under every footstep

    i travelled my birthday all around the day

    all around the town


    it was the candle-day

    and i stood far from home

    far from the snow and the known-figures

    the known-places


    it was my birthday and i wasn't home

    and it felt good

    nearly an adult feeling

    the uncatchable smell of growing up

    that unpredictable emotion that shakes you from your throat to your toes

    and it felt good

    it was my birthday and i wasn't home

    and it felt nearly good

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