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    There is nothing more frightening than honesty. If you let people know what you actually think, there is nothing between you and people’s judgement of you. The ironic part is that if you are honest, and say what you think, people will judge you kindly, with great respect.

    The most difficult time to be honest is when you are in your teens. That is when you first learn to be dishonest. As a child you are only honest. As an adult, you mostly lie. As a teenager you are learning to transform yourself from a child into an adult. You are learning how not to be honest. This is a lesson well not learned. When you learn to represent things how they aren’t, you end up fooling yourself. You come to believe that you are something that you are not.

    The world is experiencing so much difficulty today because we adults have become so adept at presenting ourselves as something that we are not. We have forgetten what we are. Instead of being who we are, we are vaguely or acutely ashamed of who we are and we mask our true feelings and thoughts in bravado and righteousness. We are disconnected from our natural curiosity, joy and compassion. We prefer to perfect the ego games of making ourselves look good at the expense of others.

    If you learn to see the value of honesty, before you learn the skills of dishonesty, you can save the world. If you are brave enough to present yourself to your peers as yourself, then you will grow with integrity and garner respect. If you enter relationships as yourself, you will know when you find love. If you get hurt, you will get hurt, but your integrity will not suffer. If you can stay true to yourself, despite internal and external pressures to be dishonest, you will learn to recognize authentic people. You will soon find yourself in excellent company."

    Zen Mister


    Léontine Soulier

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