• eat your heart out


    "it wasn’t in the way she flexed her spine to show you all the pages she held, let you flicker through soft paper pieces with your lingering gaze. it wasn’t in the first time she pulled off her dress or unwrapped the scarf from her neck or stepped out of the kitchen with a soft smile. it wasn’t in her eyes and the stories they held, skin smooth as silk against your own rough foundations. when she unravelled herself, it was through the whispers she spoke in at three in the morning, how they left your ears tingling & your cheeks a pale rose-tinted pink. when she unravelled herself, it was through finger-picked tunes and a voice like velvet, luring you in. when she unravelled herself, it was like she was ribbon twirling in the breeze, and you wanted nothing more than to wrap her back up and say i’ve got you i’ve got you i’ve got you."

    unravel, e.r.s.


    Eat your heart outIsabella Giancarlo

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