• An article on Tom Rosenthal - i didn't know how to describe him, now i do


    "Tom Rosenthal isn’t your ordinary songwriter. He’s a master of the piano ballad, but you won’t find him singing about his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend¸ or the girl he wants to be his girlfriend. He’s far more likely to write something about what it’s like being Yohan Blake coming second to Usain Bolt, or people that read The Communist Manifesto in the bath whenever they are depressed. It’s not that he’s not interested in life, love and other people. Quite the opposite. Listening to his music makes it clear that this is a fella that has a huge amount of empathy with others that -for wont of a better phrase- gets people. He’s just not interested in being Gary Barlow. 


    Pretty-but-sad tunes are half of his stock in trade, and if he is to ever find himself playing in front of television cameras it will be these that take him there.


    Don’t think everything by him is all just mini-weepers though, his other specialities are what the unimaginative among us might call adult nursery rhymes. Anything from under to a minute to four, they can be generally split into a number of categories; unremarkable people in unremarkable situations, ditties about unremarkable famous people, and remarkably strange tunes about very little at all. [...] ‘Toby Carr’s Difficult Relationship With Tuna’ concerns a guy called Toby who doesn’t much like…well…it’s all there in the title; [...].

    On the one hand we’re getting throwaway little stories, self-contained vignettes about the apparently mundane that are easy to brush off; on the other each is a tiny snapshot into the lives of the people that we might see every day, but never really know. 


    Listen to these on headphones and they’ll make you do that thing where you nod a bit, smile and go “n-ahh.”


    So seek him out; some of it you might not like, some of it might even annoy you, but somewhere in there will be a song that has the all-too-rare capacity to make you feel better about the world."


    David Hillier, 8 janvier 2013, Sabotage Times



    (i'm know i'm being really mad about him but oh)

    (he soothes all the not-so-easy-to-forget parts of myself)

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